Note:You can only pay online by mastercard/Visa if you do not have a paypal account or your debit/credit card and email is not linked to a paypal account.Read our step by step guide below on how to pay with pay Paypal or Mastercard/Visa or any other merchants. Remember to get a quote from us for you travelling needs before you may any payments.

To begin making a payment, click the “ PAY NOW” button above. You will be redirected to the page below. Kindly enter the amount that you will be paying into the tab and click “Continue”

pay minibus online


On the next page, you will be prompted to pay either  through Paypal or other merchants(debit or credit cards). If you are paying through Paypal kindly log in through your PayPal account with your username and password. You will be redirected to Paypal and will continue the purchase there. Paypal will send you a receipt for the transaction but if you would like one from our company kindly inform us at

maxi cab paypal

if you do not have a Paypal account but wish to pay online through your debit/credit cards (Mastercard/Visa etc.) kindly leave the tabs empty and just click on the “CHECK OUT AS A GUEST ” button

minibus online payment

On the next page.Enter the necessary billing information for the transaction and click “PAY NOW”. Paypal will send a receipt for the transaction to the email you provide but if you want one direct from our company please inform us at

pay online for minibus

Thank you for choosing us as your preferred transport provider in Singapore. We appreciate you giving us an opportunity to serve you and allowing us to provide a great Singaporean experience. If you wish to leave feedback about our service you can do so at We hope you remember to acquire our services again when travelling in Singapore again and hope you share our service with your family and friends.

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