Our FleetPer trip/point to pointHourly Disposal
(Minimum 3 Hrs)
-There will be an additional midnight charge of $10 for trips during 1130pm to 7am.
-For customers arriving to Singapore there will be an additional charge of $10 (arrival fee).
7 seater taxi$50$50
13 seater minibus$60$55
Mercedes E Class$70$65
Mercedes S Class$150$110
23 seater bus$100$80
45 seater minibus$150$110

Book our minibus charter/rental service in Singapore if you are planning to travel in a larger group We have two types of mini buses, the 8 seater minibus and the 13 seater minibus which you can procure according to your traveling requirements.Another option would be our 7 seater maxi cab service. Being one of the most convenient and trusted minibus rental companies in Singapore we make sure that you will have a great time in your minibus and will not have to face any kind of problem or hurdle at all. We have a vast profile of clients that trust us and we ensure the best services with the best services portfolio for our clients. 

Corporate Services

minibus hireRental minibus service is available for the corporate groups as they are required to have a number of employees, delegates and other people who have to travel from one place to the other within a day or on different schedules as well. We have a great reputation among the corporate sector in Singapore that all the leading companies do contact us to satisfy their traveling needs whether there are based on their day to day traveling or related to the corporate traveling in order to attend any of the conference or meetings as well. We have the luxury minibuses that are quite comfortable for the passengers and let them have all the pleasure in their journey as well. We are specialized in keeping everything special and smooth for our clients so they will get the best services and never have to face any kind of issues in their traveling. Keeping our clients is the first priority that we have apart from making the profit. We are also a part of a new trend of ferrying employees using the maxi cab.

Hotel Incorporations!

free shhuttle bus services to hotel in SingaporeA major number of  tourist came to Singapore to witness the beauty and fascinating sights there likes to stay at the well-known hotels and to move around they need a reliable vehicle that provides them enough liberty to move around easily. We have the best collaboration and incorporation with a number of leading hotels in Singapore that refer and get our minibus rental services for their prestigious customers. We do provide them pickup and drop off services from the airport and also arrange the tour and trip transportation for them on their demand. For our hotel clients, we provide our services nonstop with the specialized team of drivers and other coordinators that are responsible for the best and regulatory transportation services all the day. We ensure that all the guests will be comfortable on their journey and do not have to wait for their ride. Keeping in view the time limit and safety we provide rapid services to our clients. We also have a large fleet to cater to the minibus charter service to serve numerous customers at a time.

Personal Trips and Tours!

If you are the one who want to plan up your own trip and want to hit the best transport facility then we offer you a Singapore based minibus charter service, you can get the eight seaters or 13 seater minibus for your friends or family traveling easily. We make sure that you will be provided with the perfect and well-maintained minibus that will not only accommodate your seating requirement but also provides you enough space for your cargo and other stuff. From your common picnics to the grand celebrations and road trips we are covering all the events and letting you have the best of our services at your doorstep all the time. Even if you are planning up a huge picnic then you can also call up for more than one minibus or could get the combination of multiple cabs and minibuses at a time to complete your requirement. For more suggestions you can also put an inquiry to our representative who will guide you in the best manner.  You can also choose to use it for travel to Lego land Malaysia or Hello Kitty town.

Corporate Transportation

corporate minibus singaporeOther than personal services we do provide the commercial transportation throughout rental minibus service. We ensure that every single person that is carried by our Minibus rental Singapore Service will have the best traveling options and hit the best and smooth transportation as well. So we offer them even the smooth station to station traveling services at the flat rates sometimes according to the schedules.

Time Saving

Time is real money and we do earn time for our clients, be on time is the first priority of our drivers whether it is the case of picking up or dropping off. We make sure that you will reach your destination on your time especially when it is about moving to your desired place or visiting attraction. More you will be on time more you will get time to enjoy your ride or the picnic as well. We prefer to provide you the driver that nearest to your location when you make some sudden bookings or if it is a planned one then we makes sure that driver will be at your place before the decided time so you can start up your journey easily and don not have to wait for a longer period of time. We also provide customers with the easy option to pay online for our services.

Insured and Safe

All the rental minibus charter services we provide you are protected with adequate insurance, your safety is our first priority so we make sure that before leaving every vehicle will get a security check and clearance on the daily basis. Along with that, every vehicle is properly insured so in the case of any unfortunate incident, we could claim that insurance and make your safety possible as well. to ensure your security we have taken a number of premium steps, every minibus is loaded with all kind of rescue tools and equipment from glass breaking hammer to the fire extinguisher, fire exit, first aid box and much more. Along with that, there are some of the instructions that are quite readable for every passenger in the minibus and he could access them at the time of need.

Trained and Practiced Drivers

To ensure the safety of our passengers and clients we have hired the responsible drivers for our minibus charter service who have experience and training to drive the bus smoothly on the roads of Singapore. We are not taking any kind of risk at your life s we ensure that all the drivers are completely licensed and have their license renewed by the government department. We ensure that on duty timings and even before duty any of the drivers haven’t taken any kind of drug or consume alcohol at all as it could have some kind of post reactions on them and could cause any kind of trouble for the passengers as well. Apart from that our drivers are completely ethically trained and have all the training and instructions to behave nicely with the passengers and guide them with the best suggestion if they require any. These drivers are friendly enough that you could simply get relaxed with them and also be impressed by their gratitude towards your during your traveling time.

Up to Date Tracking and Mapping System

We believe in technology and understand that to make things easy and quick technology help us a lot, in order to save time and ensure the passenger security we have installed the best tracking and mapping system in our cars. All the minibuses that are in the field at mapped and tracked by our tracking devices and the professionals could have a look at them all the time. The system is used to inform the driver about the route he is taking or if he is going to the wrong way or taking any other route too. The cars are also connected to the control room through a satellite system through which the person from the control room will let the driver know about the road or weather conditions on his route so he could take all the precautionary measures as well. in the case of any break down on the road or chances of bad weather it is instructed to the driver to chose the safe path and make sure all the passengers will be saved and reach their destination on time. There are a number of alternative routes are also directed to the driver to take up the nearest one and get to the destination as soon as possible basis. We really take every matter that is directly connected to our passengers very seriously and does not compromise on security as well.

Specialized Services at great rates.

handicapped bus wheelchair bus singaporeWe understand that we have the specialized clients that are really interested in having the best services and they are premium one as well. Such as our corporate or commercial clients like companies and hotels do have their own schedules and mechanism for traveling. So we provide them the specialized services along with our specialized team of drivers and coordinators that are fixed for them only. All of these drivers and coordinators are comfortable in working with them and work with them like a family; they know each and every transportation detail and need of our client companies or hotels so these are permanently appointed for them. This could help the client companies and our drivers too to be in symmetry and work together in great collaboration. It reduces those chances of any misconception or a loop in the overall performance of the company. These drivers or coordinators are not assigned to any other job as we have enough staff to handle everything. These drivers are also well equipped with social skills for an airport transfer service.

Best tourist attractions!

Considering the interest of the tourists who came to Singapore we have designed a list of the major tourists attraction in town that help the tourists to select their next destination and also to evaluate what should be their priority as well. along with the best destinations we have also formulated the list of the best restaurants for having the best cuisines all over Singapore and on demand we provide them these options too so they could enjoy the best food around. It is not definitely a specialized service in fact it is a perk that is offered to the passengers when they travel with us. We inform them about all the near about and best restaurants so they could easily approach them and enjoy the food according to their taste.

Economic Fare

All the amazing services we provide with a number of additional perks do have a face value but in actual we simply charge the best and economic face value from our clients. We believe in keeping everything best but in rage so the clients could easily afford it and do not have to face any kind of problem in accessing the services. You can simply have a comparison of our services and fare rates with the other companies or services providers in town and could decide for you too. On special occasions we do offer some of the specialized packages that are enough to save some more bucks form your pocket and to give you an edge as well.

Offer Emergency Bookings!

Along with the advance bookings we do offer youinstant or emergency bookings for your minibus charter needs. Most of the time you could get caught with emergency or uncertainty and need an urgent minibus charter so we will never say no to you in fact will be there to serve you in a bit and will make your comfortable as well. Our customer services agents are looking forward for your calls all the time and they will assign the nearest possible driver to you. All you need to do is to contact us.

Nonstop around the year!

With our dedicated staff and perfectly planned management we provide our minibus charter/rental services all around the year 24/7. Even on the national holiday or local celebration days we do not take an off and provide the transportation facility to our clients.

Book now!

To enjoy the best minibus charter services with your friends or family or for the corporate reasons make bookings now. We let you to book the minibus by dialing to us, writing to us or simply filling up an online form as well. We are always looking forward to answer your queries and provide you quotations for the bookings. You can now pay for our services online and hassle free.

By booking with us you are covered with our privacy policy and agree to our terms of service.

About the vehicle

toyota hiace singapore for minibus charter and minibus rental

The fifth generation Toyota Hiace commuter is a large minibus that can hold a maximum of 13 passengers. It has been known by different name in many different countries such as Toyota RegiusAce in Japan ,Toyota Ses’fikile in South Africa, Toyota Quantum in South Africa and the Toyota Ventury in Thailand, all of which are of the same model except for slight variations due to being manufactured in different plants and each variation meeting the laws and regulations of their country, . In Singapore the most appreciated model is the Toyota Hiace High roof ,often called the Toyota Kombi which has the dimensions of (L x W x H) 5380 x 1880 x 2285 (mm) which is perfect for moderate groups of travelers looking for a minibus charter service


All of the Toyota Hiace models use a four-cylinder DOHC engine, in a variety of forms, a 1TR-FE 2,000 cc or 2TR-FE 2,700 cc petrol engine, or a 2KD-FTV 2,500 cc or 1KD-FTV 3,000 cc D-4D turbo diesel engine. Two of these engines are available in Malaysia, the 2.5 L turbo diesel, offered in a choice of panel van or window van; and the 2.7 L petrol, that comes only in the window van option.


The Toyota Kombi has now emerged as one of the most common vehicles used for a minibus charter on the road. Its extra height and length allows more legroom and freedom of movement, overall making it spacious compared to its rivals. An added feature to that lets you fold the last three seats and convert it to an 8 seater minibus is also appreciated, as it allows for more space for passengers travelling in groups of five to eight to have extra space for more luggage and other travelling items.


Due to its large size, the Toyota High roof can be used for multiple services. Not only is it great for routine ferrying of employees and school children but it recently has been adapted to provide Party Bus services, karaoke on the go mini bus and has been converted for use as an ambulance by some companies.  This is on top of the fact that it is a perfect vehicle to conduct round tours as they is ample space for the tour guide to stand and move around as well as passengers have more room to see the tour guide and surroundings. It is also the most common minibus to serve passengers who are looking for an airport arrival service to their hotel or home. Even here at Maxi cab Services we use it for our airport transfer service.

If you would like to book a minibus charter with us or use a 7 seater taxi in Singapore, give us a call at (+65) 84380788 or email us at book@maxicab.services. If you just need a regular taxi you can choose to get your cab booking done through DIAL-A-CAB. Do remember that unlike normal taxis, we provide private taxi to JB service and the whole of Malaysia.Do check our privacy policy and terms of service to see how we protect your information when engaging us.