Our FleetPer trip/point to pointHourly Disposal
(Minimum 3 Hrs)
-There will be an additional midnight charge of $10 for trips during 1130pm to 7am.
-For customers arriving to Singapore there will be an additional charge of $10 (arrival fee).
7 seater taxi$50$50
13 seater minibus$60$55
Mercedes E Class$70$65
Mercedes S Class$150$110
23 seater bus$100$80
45 seater minibus$150$110

For life, traveling is important and in Singapore it does have a great importance that we understand. On daily basis you have to move from one place to anyone for work and many other reasons. Every time you need is the best transportation especially when there is a special occasion and you are going for something very important too. We offer you the best taxi Singapore that is simply up to the mark and just like your demand or expectations from any Maxi cab services in town. We offer you a 6 or 7 seater Vellfire Maxi cab that is enough large to provide you a comfortable and soothing travel around town and will accommodate any of your luggage or other stuff into the wide cargo space easily. We offer you a number of services at different occasions that will simply make your moments special and remarkable for life. If you are travelling in a larger group you can opt for our 13 seater minibus.

Regular traveling!

book a maxi cabThe Maxi cab Singapore is available to you for your regular traveling in or around town, especially when you are moving from one place to the other with your friends, family or some luggage or other stuff. We provide you the best Singapore taxi service that will provide you relaxed traveling in the possible minimum time and you do not have to face any kind of hindrance in traveling at all. Especially in the morning time you car broke down and you need to drop your kids be at office on time or do some shopping, we offer you our ultimate services. Hire the cab and make done your entire morning chorus on time by our help.

Airport Pickups! (Airport transfers in Singapore)

Singapore Changi airport transferWith the best Maxi Cab in town we offer you the amazing Singapore airport transportation on just one call. No matter if you are need the services for departure or arrival out staff is always ready to accommodate you with all the dedicated services, all you need to do is to make a call and get the cab booking done. Our drivers with the best fleet will be at your location to bring you towards airport or receive you form there and drop off at your destination. You can also hire us direct form the airport or make the advanced bookings according to you convenience. In addition to that if you are looking forward for some of your foreign guests and want to receive them with honor we are available here to make it is special for you. With great hospitality we receive and drop your guests from and to airport and let you to maintain your reputation in front of them.

Corporate Travel Services!

maxi cab interiorWe offer the best and ultimate Maxi Cab Singapore Taxi to all the corporate organizations there to have the best transportation facility for their foreign delegations or clients. At the corporate scale it is important to maintain your reputation and the fleets you are using to serve the delegate matters a lot. Whether any delegation came to visit you or a client is here to sign a deal we make sure that they will have the relaxed and comfortable journey there. We provide you the best and most reasonable and elite Maxi cab that will simply enhance your moral and impression on them. Apart from that for the conferences or meetings we offer you a wide range of our fleet that will be engaged with you to make sure that traveling and transportation smooth and easy. We are not just specialized in keeping your daily and random traveling needs under consideration but also provide you the ultimate setup to maintain the major traveling needs for you organization. We understand that in Singapore the corporate sector needs to be updated in information, ideas and even the guest hospitality that’s why we have everything arranged. We do have the specialized staff members and drivers that are pro at handling the corporate clients easily.

Party Rides!

Having a party at club, on beech or at your place is a conventional party style that makes you happy but here you get a chance for a party ride. In a lavish fleet you are able to gather your friends and have a cab party where you can enjoy the ride to club or party place along with amazing music and some extra fun too. To boost up your party mood or to take you back from the party place with the same energy we offer you the party rides. You can hire Singapore cab for your party transportation or you can also have a cab party of your own kind with your friends where you enjoy traveling and dancing in the car only. It will be a different and fun thing for you that will surly makes your party memorable. For the late night parties we do offer the drop off and pick up services, our drivers and staff members drop you at your place safely no matter how late you are and how far you want to go.

Tours and trips!

Other than the random traveling and transportation we do support your tours and trip plans as well. To get a leave from your hectic and boring routine you need to have a little break and go out with your friends or family. We offer the Maxi cab service for the picnic, tours and trips in town or around town as well. You can simply make the bookings for the tours and get the cab available to you on time that will provide you the comfortable and secured drive to your destination and bring you back from there. To make your tour comfortable and safe we provide you the trained drivers with the insured vehicles so you will not have to face any kind of problem in your traveling. Apart from the personal tours we do support the corporate and commercial tours and provide the fleet according to your traveling requirements.

Ultimate Fleets!

our fleet maxicab and minibus

Being the best Maxi Cab services providers in Singapore we understand the demands and needs of people there that’s why for the taxi Singapore we have the ultimate and best fleets. These all the up to date vehicle models that are comfortable, well maintain and totally insured in order to ensure the safety of passengers. We do not compromise on our client’s safety and do consider their time and money important that’s why all the vehicles and cabs that we offer for services are dual checked by the maintenance department and is insurance covered too. We make sure that you will have a comfortable journey that’s why the whole interior and exterior is perfect. Due to daily and weekly maintenance check there is no chance of any fault in the vehicle and if unfortunately a cab broke down due to any reason the passenger will be provided with the substitute on urgent basis so there will be no time loss on the customer’s account at all.

Reputed and Trained Drivers

Along with the cabs we do pay attention to the hiring of our driving staff, we only have the licensed drivers that are approved and authorized to drive by the state department. After that they pass through a training process in which all of their driving skills are tested and improved too. It makes them a perfect driver who knows how to handle any vehicle on any kind of road and make it safe for the passenger too. Along with the driving skills we do pay attention on the route learning of the drivers for taxi Singapore. As it is important for them to keep the map or route in their mind when they are on the way, in case of any traffic blockage or jam the drivers are able to chose the alternative routes instantly and move ahead towards the destination. Along with alternative routes the drivers also know about the shortcuts and the deep addresses that are not so common in Singapore, so if you have to go anywhere our drivers could easily take you there. In case of any severe problem we do keep the driver updated about the route and traffic situation and through the helpline contact he could get the route direction form that representative in the control room. Our first priority is saving your time and brings you at the destination in the mean time.

Flat rates!

For the Singapore taxi and Maxi cab services we offer you flat rates, maintaining quality with the balance price is out specialty and we do pay attention to that. If you need the taxi service in Singapore but you cannot afford it then it will be out failure for sure, we meant to serve you the best at the economical rates. In comparison to the competitors we provide you the same quality services at the minor rates that are not too much hard on your pocket when you bring them to the services comparison for sure.

On time services!

Time is money, that is commonly known by people and we not only believe in it but practically work on it. There is a strong communication and tracking system is developed by the company to ensure that you will get the Maxi cab on time at your service. After your booking calls the driver at the nearest station form you location will be dispatched to you and in the record time the cab will be at your place or position to pick you up for that traveling. If you are going for the advanced booking service then it is our guarantee that driver will be at your place on time and don’t let you to wait for long.

No Hidden Charges!

If you are done with the extra or hidden charges by the other Singapore taxi services providers then it is done now, we do not have any kind of hidden charges that magically appears on your final receipt. Each and every detail about that pricing and fare rates is clearly mentioned at the web and you can also ask for it from the representative on phone too. At last in the final receipt you will get the same rates and calculations too. But, in case of waiting from your side or stops in between that route there could be some certain changes for that but all of them are mentioned already in the terms and conditions. We do believe in letting you know everything in advance, for more clarification you can ask the matter from the representative too.

Non Stop Day and Night!

The Maxi cab Singapore taxi is available at your service nonstop day and night 24/7 even on holidays and other national events. In fact on the celebration days we make sure that you will have the transportation facility so you could enjoy to the fullest. We have a huge team of drivers that are dedicated towards their job and assigned with the timings and duties in shifts. Your comfort level is important for us and we do make sure you will have the services when you need them. In face you can make some of the emergency bookings in case of in a hurry or emergency we make sure that in the minimum time our driver will reach you.

Ride Now!

Maxi Cab Limo Mini bus provides you the ultimate Singapore taxi services that are up to the mark, secured, professional and economical too. We are covering a wide range of traveling needs and options that you might be able to not find out at any other service provider. Get the cab booking in advance or make the instant or emergency booking according to your need and ride the best vehicle in town. We offer you to make your taxi bookings easily through call, e mail or the online procedure on the web. To answer your queries and to guide you will the best packages and rate our representatives are online all the time you can dial us without hesitation and get all your answers done.

You can now pay online for our services. By booking with us you are covered with our privacy policyand agree to our terms of service.

About the vehicle

7 seater taxi for your maxi cab booking

Maxi Cab

The Toyota Alphard full-size luxury MPV that has been production since 2002 by Japanese carmaker Toyota. It is available as a 8 or 7 seater with a 2.4 and 3.5 litre gasoline engine in 3 different model lines – Alphard G, Alphard V, and the Alphard Hybrid


Named after the brightest star In the Hydra constellation. The Toyota Alphard truly lives up to its reputation and shines brightly among all the 7 seater cars currently available and has its third  generation  model widely chosen to be used in the maxi cab Singapore taxi industry.

The full-size Alphard Hybrid MPV qualifies as an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV), achieving emission levels 75% lower than the Japanese government’s year 2000 benchmark. The 2.4-litre gasoline engine has been developed specifically for use in Toyota’s hybrid systems and features a high-expansion ratio cycle that raises efficiency and reduces friction.

Toyota released the third generation Alphard on 26 January 2015 with a new look and new features such as a new 2.5-litre petrol engine, 2.5-litre petrol hybrid engine. A new top-of-the-line Executive Lounge grade was added for both Alphard and Vellfire. Third generation Alphard is currently available in Japan and some Asian markets with Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong are being the first markets outside Japan to receive this all-new model and recently the all-new Alphard was introduced in Russia, the model’s primary and so far only European market, but only with the 3.5 L V6 engine.


The Toyota Alphard has many attractive features get mobile phone storage space, tablet storage space, cup holder, highly adjustable top quality leather seats, footrest, headrest, reading lamp, armrest control panel, retractable table, easy walk-in switch for third row, extra-large cargo space, automatic climate control. You can also fold the back seats to provide more space for your luggage, making it the perfect vehicle for your airport and hotel transfers

One the newest upgraded feature Is the 9 inch screen. The super-large 9-inch screen makes it much easier to follow the route on navigation maps and to see details of POIs, and service centers, so driving is safer and more relaxed. Movies look great, and camera images are big and clear for easier parking. Steering Wheel Remote Control lets you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. You also get HDMI connectivity for high quality AV sources and Bluetooth compatibility.


The overall dimension of the Toyota Alphard is 4915mm in length, 1850mm in width and 1895mm in height thus making it larger when compared to other MPVs, signifying the intent of the car manufacturer to provide the utmost luxury and comfort for its passengers.


The dazzling design of the brand new Alphard MPV comes with a unique Diamond Trophy front grille. It also will come with stunning LED headlamp and Daytime Running Lamp LED. Also you will find LED rear combination lamp and remote control powered back door with Jam protection. It features lounge lighting, auto-opening doors, blend of leather & wood trimmed interiors, environment friendly engine, automatic & CVT transmission, hydraulic actuators, paneled exterior, connectivity options, top-class safety features for driver and passengers, premium sound system, GPS system, and many more features that makes it different than normal MPV and sets for luxury MPV