Enjoy the finest the limousine world has to offer. The S Class is globally recognized as the embodiment of wealth and success. Coupled with our highly regarded professional chauffeur service and you get Singapore’s finest limousine experience for the high end consumer.

About the vehicle

Mercedes-Benz S Class W222 debuted in the market on May 2013 and its vehicles include the S 350 BlueTEC, S 350 BlueTEC Hybrid, S 400 Hybrid and S 500.Due to its classy designs ,plenty of comfortable comfort considerations and safety technologies imbued, it is also used as part of some the best limousine cars in the world The series applies some of the best safety features all cross its brand such as

DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist

Distronic Plus is a radar based function that helps regulate the speed and maintain the distance your vehicle and the one before it .It has now been enhanced with Steering Assist which helps to keep the vehicle in their lane by creating appropriate steering torque when on a straight road or gentle bends. The entire system has a stereo camera which recognizes lane markings as well as vehicles ahead. During slow traffic or jams, Steering assist can help during slow traffics or small jams and use the vehicle ahead as an orientation to enable semi-autonomous following. Distronic Plus with assist can be activated. With a lever on the steering column in a speed range from 0 – 200 km/h. Any speed between 30 km/h and 200 km/h can be selected as the desired cruising speed. Drivers must keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times even when Steering Assist is activated

BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist:

Bar Plus with Cross traffic assist is a useful anticipatory systems that helps a driver when there is a risk of accident with cross traffic at junctions. If the system detects a potentially dangerous accident, it will alert the driver to through visual and acoustic prompts to start braking immediately .It will also help to add just the right pressure to brake simultaneously, up to the extent of a full brake, although the system will calculate the right pressure for you to increase the distance of the vehicle behind you to avoid rear accidents The Cross-Traffic Assist function is operative at speeds up to approx. 72 km/h, while BAS PLUS is able to aid the driver in longitudinal situations at any speed.

Pre-Safe with pedestrian detection and City Brake function

 Thanks to the combination of stereo camera and radar sensors, it is now possible to detect pedestrians in front of the vehicle. Visual and acoustic warnings are triggered when a hazard is spotted. If the driver then reacts by braking, the braking power will be boosted by BAS PLUS as the situation requires, right up to a full brake application. Should the driver fail to react, PRE-SAFE® Brake triggers autonomous vehicle braking. The PRE-SAFE® Brake with pedestrian detection is active up to approx. 72 km/h, and is able to prevent collisions with pedestrians autonomously from an initial speed of up to 50 km/h.


Pre Safe plus is a feature installed in the S Class series that could be lifesaving in cause of a rear collision with a vehicle behind you. Whenever a risk of impact is detected from behind you, rear hazard lights will automatically be switched on to alert the driver behind you that they are too close. This is done by a radar that is installed in your rear bumper. Your vehicle will also apply protection measures such as the reversible belt tensioners  or in case of a hard brake, activating the HOLD function or moving the selector lever to “P”  will also help the driver by increasing the brake pressure in order to keep the vehicle firmly braked during a possible rear accident

PRE-SAFE Impulse Side:

This feature is activated in the event of a imminent side collision. The occupant will move the occupant as far away from the acute danger zone before impact. It is in line with the PRE-SAFE concept of moving the occupants of the vehicle into the best possible before the impact of accident occurs. The PRE-SAFE impulse side will inflate the side chambers in the side bolsters of the backrest within a fraction of a second and quickly push the occupant towards the center of the vehicle to increase the distance between the occupant and the impact of collision ,lessening the load exerted on the rib cage.


When the crash sensors strong impact from the front ,your seatbelt will be filled up to three times its width in the event of an accident. The resulting surface area will allow the force acting on the seat occupant to be redistributed properly, and this will reduce the strain placed on the ribcage minimize the risk of injury in the case of a head on collision

Active seat-belt buckle with PRE-SAFE function for rear occupants:

Reversible belt tensioning is also performed in the rear occupants speed via the active seat-belt buckle function when the system detects that your moving vehicle is approaching an object at a dangerous speed. In contrast to its extended position to facilitate fastening of the seat belt, the belt buckle is retracted by approx. 40 millimeters instead. This reversible function increases the belt tensioning on the passenger by up to 80 millimeters. These actions ensure that the passengers are t better prepared for a frontal head on collision. In addition, the belt buckle branches off at a lower point at the occupant’s hip which reduces the risk of the body slipping under the belt. Fastening the passengers by this way can reduce the strain to which they are subjected to in the event of an collision whilst travelling in the S Class.

Adaptive Highbeam Assist PLUS:

The adaptive Highbeam assist Plus  allows the users to switch their high beam lights at all times and still not cause any frustration or nuisance to other drivers on the road due to its technology allowing it to adjust itself to the available visual sight of the road in front of it. What it means is that it will automatically be brighter on the dimly  light roads and during heavy rain but will shine less on a clear day. This system allows it to be kept on at all times without disrupting other road users, which results in a smoother and more relaxed driving experience.

Night View Assist PLUS.

 Going into the third generation of this system, this features now allows detects not just pedestrians during the night, but also the added capabilities to detect animals in front of the car  as well which is crucial when driving in urban ideas. This feature however, has to be activated manually by the driver. This achievement can be partly attributed to the installation of an additional infrared sensor, designed to detect from long ranges and another similar one in the radiator grille, aside from the existing twin infrared projectors in the system. The system is able to detect pedestrians at a distance of up to 160 meters, and animals 100 meters ahead of the vehicle. This feature is automatically activated in these cases and will change the speedometer to highlight theses persons or animals in color. Also, there is a spotlight function that will flash the pedestrians or animals repeatedly to warn of the incoming vehicle and for the driver to locate the possible danger.

Traffic Sign Assist with wrong-way driving warning function:

This system is now upgraded significantly from the old system by adding new a new feature which recognizes more road markings. It will now detect places are restricted from driving in as well that acute bends and narrow roads that does not allow overtaking. This is part will be one of the preemptive measures that embodies the policy of accident prevention by Mercedes Benz S Class.   

Icon of inspiration

For Decades the S Class Sedan has been immediately recognizable not just for its iconic design, but for predicting the future of the car industry. Strong, powerful and majestic, it’s also sleek, lithe and amazingly sporty. It rides through the wind with silence, yet stands out in any crowd. In fact, it stands above. Thus, we have chosen it to be part of our Mercedes limousine fleet

For a Cheaper option, you can choose to have an E class limo Cab instead of the S class. Alternatively if you have a group of more than 4 passengers you can instead hire our 7 seater taxi or minibus service. You can check all the rates for our services before making a decision.