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Mercedes E class

the E-Class is Mercedes-Benz’ best-selling model, with more than 13 million sold by 2015.The reason for its success over the years has always been because of its applied innovative and forward thinking technologies imbued with  classy and attractive designs. The 2017 E-Class is the most technologically advanced car Mercedes has ever produced to date, installed with the following features

Autonomous driving

A number of sensors, cameras and radars has allowed semi-automated driving. There may be fewer sensors and cameras than before (12 and four respectively over the W212 model), but they all feature increased functionality which reduces cost and complexity.

The next level of Drive Pilot featured on the 2017 E-Class enables the car to negotiate bends on the motorway, while maintaining a safe distance from slower moving vehicles in front at up to speeds of 130 mph. The system is not a hands free operation and an audible alert will prompt the driver into regaining control if the car detects their attention has wandered.

The Steering Pilot function uses visible road markings to navigate bends at speeds of up to 81 mph. The car is able scan the surrounding area as well as the car in front if road markings are unclear to maintain lane discipline. The system is also able to automatically increase or decrease the E-Class’s speed by reading speed limit signs if the driver fails to take any action.

If you are feeling a little bit more special, consider hiring our Mercedes S class with a Chauffeur for a truly exceptional experience. Alternatively you can book our maxi cab or minibus charter service.

Safety innovations

Active Brake Assist and Evasive Steering Assist work in tandem to warn of and prevent potential collisions in the 2017 E-Class. The first system now features increased functionality, able to provide visible warning of potential danger as well as being able to automatically apply the brakes in an emergency. The system is now also able to detect and analyze moving traffic at junctions ahead. Evasive Steering Assist can detect when a driver is making an evasive action and apply addition steering force to ensure the pedestrian or vehicle is avoided.

Car-to-X Communication is another safety system which enables vehicles on the same road to warn each other of upcoming potential hazards or accidents.

If an unavoidable side collision is detected, PRE-SAFE Impulse Side rapidly inflates the side bolster to move the occupant away from the point of impact, while at the same time PRE-SAFE Sound pumps noise waves through the speakers to reduce hearing damage following a collision.

Mobile connection

A brand new remote parking smartphone app, called Remote Parking Pilot, will allow drivers to park their vehicle from outside of the car to allow for easier ingress and egress. The system only works at very low speeds of 2 mph, with the vehicle also able to lock, unlock and start itself from the app.

Another new smartphone feature is Digital Car Key, which allows the driver’s smartphone to be used as a vehicle key – essentially replacing a conventional key fob. The system uses Near Field Communication which also allows the car to be locked and unlocked even if the phone is out of battery.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class features an advanced LED lighting system with a grid of 84 LEDs in each headlight.

Introduced on the CLS for 2014, Mercedes’ Multi beam LED headlamps are enhanced for the 2017 E-class. The individual LED count increases from 24 to 84, each individually controllable—switching between high- and low-beams, and the curve-following adaptive-lighting functions are now achieved entirely via electronics. The light pattern is also altered in city driving or via information from the navigation system (such as when approaching intersections). Additionally, the light unit glows blue.

the 2017 E-Class features two larger units instead of the four-eyes headlights, though unique LED light bars within the headlamps still gives the nigh-time effect of four individual units. Prior to its world debut, a teaser video previewing the car’s multi beam LED headlamps was released in January 2015.

Fabulous Design

The Mercedes S class designs includes open-pore woods, wood in a yachting look with flowing lines as a contemporary interpretation of inlaid wood and a novel metal fabric. The use of authentic materials is continued in the leather-covered doors and the beltline for selected lines. The interior lighting makes exclusive use of durable, energy-saving LED technology. Its Front bass system delivers a special listening experience. As in the S-Class, the sound can be optimally adjusted for every seat position using the so-called VIP setting. The E-Class is optionally available with a multi beam LED headlamp system with ILS (Intelligent Light System) and Adaptive High beam Assist Plus. The multi beam LED headlamps are immediately identifiable. They provide new, visual highlights with passively illuminated, blue light surfaces. All the features added with our professional chauffeur service equates to the perfect limousine cab.