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Valuable travel tips

Upon reaching Singapore, there will be a few things that you would want to do to make your trip a whole lot easier and cheaper. The following are a must for travellers who are travelling on a budget and highly recommended for any visitor who are staying over a course of a few days.

Portable Wifi

Where to get: Changi Airport

Price:SGD 10 per day for unlimited wifi

Roaming charges are a bane for every travellers worldwide. Opt for an unlimited wifi experience by getting a wifi router when u land. Keep in mind you have to place a reservation for the device 3 days before actually picking one up at any of the terminals in Singapore

Sim Card:

Where to get: Changi airport

travellers sim cardIt is now more common and cost saving to make free phone calls using whatsapp and viber, especially  if u followed our suggestion above to get a wifi router. Still, there is no substitute for a local sim card and number. Having  a local number is probably going to be cheaper than paying for a month’s roaming charges and you can use it to make enquiries for srices that you need, such as making a restaurant  reservation or booking a cab.

Ez link card OR tourist pass

ride bus cardIf you are travelling at a budget, you would most likely be taking the trains or the bus everywhere you go. You would need to purchase a stored value card to make payments for these trips called the EZ link card. You would have to ensure that there are sufficient money in these cards and have to top up ocassionally when the value is low.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Singapore tourist pass, which provides unlimited rides on buses and trains for a price


Important call hotlines

Save the following numbers in your phone. These numbers can assist you if you are lost or in need of some help


Taxi Hotline 63425222 Get a quick taxi from anywhere in Singapore.
Maxi Cab hotline 84380788 Get a 7 seater maxi cab or a minibus if you are travelling in a larger group
Ambulance hotline 995 Keep in case there is a medical emergency
Police hotline 999 Useful hotline for reporting any lost items or suspicious behavior


Passing through Singapore customs

Chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore. Make sure you’re not bringing one when entering Singapore.

Eating and drinking inside public transportation is prohibited and carries a heavy fine.

Prescription medicines may also raise a flag, make sure you carry prescriptions with them. Any medication that contains strong narcotics, like diazepam/valium or strong pain killers like codeine, need prior approval from the Health Sciences Authority.

Pirated goods and publications by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Unification Church may not be imported to Singapore.

Pirated CDs, disc, software, etc. have a penalty of USD 1,000  per disc, so make sure you don’t have one in your bag.

Avoid bringing objects that resemble weapons, like novelty cigarette lighters and toy guns.

Death penalty for drug trafficking, or for carrying explosives and firearms without a license.

Duty free allowances for alcohol are 1L each of wine, beer and spirits, and the 1L of spirits may be substituted with 1L of wine or beer. Travelers entering from Malaysia are not entitled to any duty free allowance. Alcohol may not be brought in by persons under the age of 18.

No duty free allowance for cigarettes. All cigarettes legally sold in the country must be stamped “SDPC”. Although one open pack will likely be tolerated, you could be fined SGD 500

Most travelers arrive in Singapore Changi International Airport. There are four main terminals at Changi International Airport, connected by free sky trains and shuttle buses.There are a few ways of getting from Changi Airport to your hotels.

From  Changi Airport  to your hotel

You can choose any of the following ways to get to your booked hotel, we have listed all of them according to the most comfortable ride to the least enjoyable.

Maxi Cab – Perfect for up to 4 passengers plus 6 luggage – 

The maxi cab is a symbol of luxury and excellence. When you exit the gate after passing through the Singapore customs, a professional chauffeur will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it(meet and greet service). He will then escort you to your vehicle and then send you to your hotel. You can read more about the maxi cab airport transfer before you make a booking. You can make a booking through Whatsapp/ Facebook/ Viber through the number +65 8438 0788 or email

Minibus  – Perfect for up to 9 passengers and 12 luggage

If you are travelling in a larger group, a minibus is certainly the best option for you. Similar to the maxi cab, there will be a meet and greet service for you upon your arrival at Changi airport. The minibus is a spacious  and clean vehicle which is children and elderly friendly.

You can check the prices of the maxi cab and minibus and book through +65 8438 0788 or email as well.


Public Taxi

You can get a taxi at any of the terminals. Prices will be calculated according to a meter so there is no haggling over prices or cases of cheating. Keep in mind though there are plenty of charges on top of the basic fares which are listed below. 


Basic fare Normal
Flag-Down (inclusive of 1st km or less) $3.00-$3.40
Every 400m thereafter or less up to 10km $0.22
Every 350 metres thereafter or less after 10 km $0.22
Every 45 secs of waiting or less $0.22

-peak hour charges and midnight charges (if applicable) for taxi in Singapore

Peak hour surcharge Additional
Mon – Fri: 6.00am to 9.30am 25% of metered fare
Mon – Sun & Public Holidays: 6.00pm to midnight 25% of metered fare
                         Midnight surcharge
12 Midnight to 6.00 am 50% additional on top of metered fare
Location surcharges Additional
Changi Airport & Changi Air Freight Centre
Fri – Sun: 5.00pm to midnight
At all other times
Seletar Airport $3.00
Marina Bay Sands
Sun & Public Holidays: 6.00am to 4.59pm
Resorts World Sentosa $3.00
Singapore Expo Centre $2.00

You can calculate the estimate cost of your fare here. Do note that this number is an estimate and might not be accurate.The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error.

Shuttle bus to hotel – 9 SGD per passenger – only one luggage and hand carry is allowed 

The Shuttle bus is a cheaper option if you are travelling alone or with a single friend. If you are travelling in a group of three, choosing a public taxi could be cheaper or just slightly more. Also take note that you are only allowed a single luggage and hand carry item, so its not an option for travelers who are staying in Singapore for a long period and has many belongings with them. If you feel that this is the option for you then you can make a booking through the 24-hour Ground Transport Concierge in each terminal or book online here.



Mass Rapid Transit map

(Map from Singapore Land Transportation)

If you had followed our Singapore Travel Guide tips above and have purchased either a Singapore tourist Pass or an EZ link card, head to the Changi Airport terminal 2 basement for the MRT train. If your Flight lands at terminal 1 or 3, you can take  the free skytrain  which operates from 5.00am to 2.30am or travel by foot using the travelators that connects the three teminals.

If your flight lands at terminal 4 you can proceed to the Shuttle Bus Pick-up point at Terminal 4 Arrival Hall Level 1 (Opposite the Clinic). The shuttle bus journey from Terminal 4 to Terminal 2 takes about 10 minutes, and the shuttle bus leaves every 10 minutes from 5.30am to 12.00am, and every 20 minutes from 12.00am to 5.30am

Travel itinerary

As part of our Singapore travel Guide, we have provided a sample travel itinerary for Singapore below. Do note that this is an itinerary for 3 full days, which means that if your flight lands on an afternoon or an evening you might want to adjust the itinerary to suit your timing. Also after the list we will add activities for a full fourth day, but if you want to make your schedule, here are a list of all interesting places you can travel to in Singapore.

Day 1

0730 Breakfast
0800 Cultural tour(Little India/Kampung Glam/Chinatown)
1200 Lunch
1300 Singapore River Walk/Esplanade/Art Science Museum/ Helix Bridge/ MBS rooftop
1730 Dinner at Makansutra Gluttons Bay
1830 Garden by the Bays
2100 Marina Bay Sands
2200 Return to hotel


Cultural Walk

There,s no better way to know Singapore better than to go on a cultural tour  as per our Singapore Travel Guide than to take a deep dive into Singapore’s rich multi-racial culture and go on a little cultural tour. In each of the following three places you will be able to capture the essence of each ethnic group that has contributed to the identity of Singapore.

Kampung Glam (Sultan Mosque, Malay Heritage centre)

sultan mosque singaporeThe Sultan Mosque is located at Muscat Street and North Bridge Road within the Kampong Glam district of Rochor Planning Area in Singapore. The mosque is considered one of the most important mosques and iconic in Singapore and is open to public, except for its prayer hall and other sensitive areas within its ground

The impressive complex boasts a series of giant golden domes topping off the main prayer hall, and the outside is adorned in vibrant pastel shades of orange, cream and green which shines beautifully under the sun.

Fun fact: If you look carefully under the base of the dome, you can see encircling the base of each dome is a belt of glass bottles The story behind this ring of bottles is very heart-warming. While the rich donated from their gold stashes to the building of the mosque, the poorer folks raised funds by collecting and selling used glass bottles. Look up at this ring of bottles today, and you are reminded of the humble folks who gave generously out of their poverty


The Malay Heritage Centre is a must-visit museum if you wish to understand and learn about the local malay community. There are six permanent galleries that showcase Kampong Gelam’s historical significance as a thriving port town prior to Raffles’ arrival in 1819 and rartifacts that portray the increasingly urban and cosmopolitan nature of Singapore’s Malay society

Chinatown (Buddha tooth Relic Temple and Sri Mariammam temple)

Buddha relic tooth temple

buddha temple singapore travel guideBuilt with a style replicating the Northern China architecture, the Buddha tooth relic temple reputedly houses a tooth relic of the historical Buddha and art works from the Tang dynasty.

The temple welcomes over 50000 guests each month and provides a free english guided tour every saturday at 2pm and is deservedly added to our Singapore travel guide.

Fun fact:The Buddha Tooth Relic is housed in a giant stupa weighing a whopping 3500 kilograms and made from 320 kilograms of gold, of which 234 kilograms were donated by devotees.

Chinatown(Sri Mariamman Temple)

The Oldest hindu temple in SIngapore.Must see, even just for a quick look outside.  The outdoor sculptures are amazing. One of the most interesting and coolest looking temples you will ever see. Sri Mariamman Temple is a gorgeous Hindu temple and the oldest one in Singapore.  Historically, the temple provided shelter for Indian immigrants since 1827 and was the only Hindu temple where official Hindu marriages could be solemnized

Fun fact:In the early evening, priests, worshipers, and musicians take part in age-old rituals and make beautifully-arranged offerings. Their offerings are chosen for what they symbolize; for instance, mango and coconut leaves are signs of purity and bananas symbolize abundance

Singapore River Walk

Merlion Park

merlion at one fullertonStart your afternoon with a walk through Merlion park and have a view of the original statue of the Merlion statue The 8.6 meter statue iconic statue that is said to personify Singapore and Singaporeans in general   can be seen spouting water from its mouth across the backdrop of the three towers of the Marina Bay sands.

What to look out for: The iconic statue,The city backdrop

Fun Fact: the name “Merlion” is derived from “Mer”, meaning sea folk and lion.It’s said that the fish’s body of the Merlion represents Singapore’s humble begins as a small fishing village at the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, whilst the Lion’s head is derived from the country’s original name, Singapura, which means Lion City in Malay.


Singapore is a country with minimal land and by extension, natural beauty, especially in the city. What Singapore excels in  however, is constantly showing its determination and innovation to create a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience for visitors   As you look across the river you will see a splendid view of the country, with buildings set in the background that are iconic to Singapore. These buildings  were designed and build with ingenuity and sophistication infused with beauty and elegance which I will explain more about as we head to them.


Esplanade – Theatres by the bay

esplanade by the bayVisit one of the world’s busiest performance arts Centre that has hosted over 37000 shows since its opening in 2002. The Esplanade, known affectionately to the locals as the “Durian”, owing to it’s the spikes and shape looking like its namesake, was designed to best enhance any range of performance, from classical music to rock concerts Thus it was built with the capability to adjust its hall to better reflect the the music that is currently being played

Wondering exactly how the hall adjusts itself, you can take a guided tour around the esplanade and learn how much preparation is made to cater to a specific performance, You will also learn the history  about the birth of the arts scene in Singapore and understand more about the architecture and technology employed to create the best atmosphere, such as soundproofing and cladding that retain light but reflect heat and harmful rays.

Fun fact:Each of the iconic spikes is cleaned by hand by trained Rope Access Technicians who keep themselves safe with safety lines, working ropes and harnesses. It takes approximately two months to clean both of the spiky domes.


Helix Bridge

Travel across the Helix Bridge to reach the other side of the bay. Once known as the Double Helix Bridge,due to its designed being heavily influences by the shape of the DNA, the Helix Bridge is a remarkable piece of architecture which links he Marina South and Marina centre area. Throughout the bridge, four different inner spirals are utilized to create a shade for pedestrians walking across the bridge and the view is simply visually stunning.

Fun Fact:The Helix Bridge is only 280 meters long, yet if you were to stretch out the stainless steel tubes(“DNA Fibers”) used in its construction, they’d reach almost three kilometers in length.

What to look out for : Floating Platform

marina bay floating platformAmong all the iconic buildings across the bay it will be kind of hard to miss a flat floating surface which is situated in front of thousands of empty seats. What you are looking at is actually the Marina bay Floating Platform, which in recent years have played host to a number of huge events, among which are the Singapore National day parade and the Formula One Night Race.


Marina Bay Sands

Art Science Museum

lotus shaped art science museumExplore a one of a kind museum that not only exhibits artifacts and remnants of the past but fuses it with exhibits that presents the future. Immerse yourself in a virtual reality environment where you can interact with the artwork  and have fun.

Marina Bay Skyline

If there is one place u need to take a picture from, this would be it

Floating 57 levels above the three towers of Marina Bay Sands, the sky deck offers a panoramic vista of the Singapore skyline. The Sky deck comes with an admission price of SGD23 for adults, but the breathtaking view is priceless. Entrance is free for  visitors who book a hotel room with them. for everyone else you can book your tickets here.

Fun fact:The Marina bay Sands was crowned as the most instagram-ed hotel in the world in 2017. A huge portions taken are of the view from the sky deck of the hotel.

Makansutra at Guttons Bay

Right after you are done with with the Esplanade would be a good time for your dinner. Luckily for you the Makansutra at Gluttons Bay is just beside the Esplanade and within it lies some of the dishes Singapore has to offer.The stalls re open are only from 5pm, so make sure you don’t rush yourself when visiting any of the prior attraction.


Garden by the bay

satay by the bayLocated next to Marina Reservoir, this multi award winning horticulture destination offers a breathtaking  walk across its 101 hectares of land. Head over to the flower dome, an attraction that has made its way into the Guinness book of records as the largest greenhouse in the world, with an environment that replicates the Mediterranean climate and houses plants from 5 continents You might also want to visit the cloud forest to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall which stands at 35 metres

What to look out for:  Light Show(Garden Rhapsody) on the Supertrees

While the garden is famous for its grove of mechanical Supertrees, not many are aware that there will be a Light Show each night at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm  in which the trees themselves take center stage!!!


Fun Fact: The Supertrees are in fact, Solar generators, They convert sunlight into electricity which powers the greenhouses in the Gardens by the Bay (Flower Dome, Cloud forest etc.) Additionally, the Supertrees also act as a ventilation duct and collect water for the conservatories.

Day 2

0830 Breakfast
1000 Universal Studios
1200 Lunch
1930 Wings of time
2100 Night Safari
0000 Return to hotel


Uss Singapore

uss singapore travel guideHave a fun and great day at Southeast Asia’s first and only Universal Studios theme park, featuring 24 rides, shows and attractions in seven themed zones in Sentosa. There are plenty of attractions for everyone of any age and special rides just for children.  Listed below are some of the activities available


Transformers Ride – Ride a rollercoaster while watching the Autobots fight against the Decepticons in 3D

Canopy Flyer at Jurassic Park – ride high above the ground and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Jurassic World

Jurassic Park rapid adventures-Enjoy a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats where you will get wet and possibly soaked

Meet and Greet

Sesame Street- Get a hug from big bird and pose with Elmo and the Gang

Hatched- Watch the birth of a dinosaur from is egg and embrace the cute dino chick within it

Shrek-Meet ogre royalty Shrek and princess Fiona and have a feel for for living happily ever after in far far away land.


Waterworld- Witness death-defying stunts, awesome explosions and thrills at this sensational live water show.

Lake Hollywood spectacular-End your theme park adventure with a stunning blaze of firework

Wings of time

sentosa wings of time travel guideBe dazzled by a stunning array of lights shone across the backdrop of the open sea. In the world’s first permanent night show set in the open sea, Wings Of Time is a multi-sensory extravaganza that tells an epic tale of courage, mystery and magic brought to you by an internationally acclaimed team. you can purchase your tickets for $18(normal seating) and $23 for a premium seat at its official website. 

Day 3

0730 Breakfast
0830 Singapore Botanical Gardens
1200 Lunch @ Orchard Rd
1300 Shopping @Orchard Road
1700 Dinner
1800 Shopping  @ Bugis


Singapore botanical garden

Singapore botanical garden walkwayThe Singapore Botanic Gardens is an old tropical garden located at the fringe of Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping district and is over 150 years old. It is one of three gardens in the world, to be honored as a UNESCO world heritage site, and the only tropical garden among them. Entrance to all of the garden is free except for the National Orchid Garden which costs $5sgd. Among some of the free places in he garden are the Evolution Walk and the Learning forest.

Learning Forest

The 10-hectare nature area has over 700 species of plants and several prized living collections. Its collection of Staghorn Ferns (Platycerium sp.) is one of the most comprehensive grown anywhere.

Evolution Garden

As you walk through this 1.5-hectare display area, find out more about the beginning of life on fiery Earth and the earliest plant species. Look at how plants have evolved and adapted through the ages, to become the amazing and complex life forms that are crucial to the survival of all life today

National Orchid Garden

Centrally located within the lush settings of Singapore Botanic Gardens is the National Orchid Garden, with some of the most exotic orchid collections on the planet which covers 3 hectares of carefully landscaped slopes which provide a setting for over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids, with about 600 species and hybrids on display


Orchard Road

shopping in singaporeA whole street which is almost entirely dedicated to shopping, Orchard Road is the must-visit location for those looking for a bit of retail therapy. The wide avenue is lined with a whole host of shopping centres – from the original Chinese emporiums to modern mega-malls made from steel and glass. This is mostly mall country, with a handful of boutiques among them. The road is over two kilometers long and there are three MRT stops here: Dhoby Ghaut, Orchard and Somerset, although if there’s no rush walking between the malls is rather pleasant. There are currently 22 malls and six shopping centres in the area


Fancy a souvenir to bring back for your relatives and friends?. There’s no better place for bargain hunting than Bugis street. CDs, souvenirs, t-shirts, shoes, jewelry, knick knacks and other fashion items are available

This marks the end of our official travel guide for Singapore. We feel that we have covered the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days. We do understand however, that these places might not appeal to everyone’s taste. Thus we have also compiled the best places for you to travel to in Singapore. You can substitute any places in our Singapore travel itinerary and create your own Singapore Travel Guide. In addition, we would like to add in a recommendation if you are spending an extra day in Singapore.

Day 4- a getaway within a holiday (From Singapore to Johore, Malaysia)

You can reach Johore, Malaysia in under 2 hours if you take our maxi cab for your trip, there three places in particular that you would want to visit, Legoland Malaysia, Hello Kitty world and the Johor Premium Outlet(JPO).

Hello Kitty World

Unlike the USS Singapore, the Hello kitty fun is more catered towards children and females. The whole theme park is divided into seven areas which all revolves around the hello kitty theme.

Hello Kitty Wishful Studio – There are plenty of activities to be done here and behind each door in this area lies a different area such as learning how to make hello kitty origami and hello kitty cookies. as well as decorating it before bringing it home. Do note that some room has an occupancy limit of 16 persons at one time.

Hello Kitty Nail Salon: Basically a Do it yourself(DIY)  nail session. They will give you nail stickers and nail colors for a DIY nail painting session. You can spend as much time here as you want and wait for your nails to dry. It might not be the best place for boys and men to visit.

Hello Kittty Jewelry Making Studio: Fancy making your own souvenir to bring back from your travels?you will be given a plain silver neck chain and get to design it as well as add a charm which you can choose from many in the display.

Hello Kitty Dress Up and Costume Studio: Its time to play dress up. Become your favorite hello kitty characters and have you picture taken in front of a green screen will change the background of your pictures. Taking the pics are free, but you need to pay to get the prints which you will receive inserted into a cardboard frame. After paying you will also be briefed on how to download the pictures yourself from any computer through the hello kitty town website within one month of your picture being taken. A set of 6 pictures will set you back 140 Malaysia ringgits( 48 SGD).

Hello Kitty House: Teacups, televison set, appliances and everything else in the house has been warped into the hello kitty world.Have a pleasant surprise when you visit the home of Hello Kitty.  You can take photos everywhere.

Black Wonder: This is a simple “treasure-hunt” maze. You are given a lantern containing a black light. As you enter, you need to place the Black Lantern in its place under the touch screen computer – a series of questions will appear and you need to answer these correctly. Clues are all over the place. Once done, a logo will appear. This will be the same logo that you need to find inside the maze, there will be 5 additional sections inside the maze and when you solve the puzzle at each section, you will uncover one alphabet that will form your password. When you finish collecting all 5 alphabets, head to the exit and type in the password. If you are correct you will get a certificate of completion. It is not THAT complicated but the instructions can be confusing. Just ask the park attendants if you are stumped and they will help you. Our password was KITTY; but it can be any of the 5 passwords depending on what logo (or “black symbol”) you are assigned to.

Hello Kitty Doll Factory: This is a place to purchase a limited edition hello kitty doll  for 89 Malaysian Ringgit(30 SGD)that is only available here. In addition you can design and customize the dolls, and add accessories to it. The factory is currently in the gift shop so you can browse other souvenirs to bring back from your trip.

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