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LEGO is one of the famous toy makers that hit the world with the idea of plastic toys that are right now a major attraction for the kids. Following the trend of creativity and unique approaches the LEGO Company launched the very first International Themed Park LEGOLAND in Johor, Malaysia in the year 2012.

The whole area covered by the LEGOLAND is 5,500,000 sq ft comprises of hotels, café, water lands, rides, clubs, residential areas and much more. It is not just a theme park now but a complete and grand vacation place where you can experience the best vacation time of your life. If you really want to have some real fun and experience everything at one place then LEGOLAND in Johor Malaysia is the best spot that lets you to have some relaxed time of your life and make new memories as well. It is not just a place ideal for kids but for the families and make it simply great and attractive as a whole.Start your day of fun with our maxi cab service.

Highlighted Attractions

At LEGOLAND you could have a huge verity of options to enjoy, create, scream and have amazing fun as well. The attractions are available for all ages such as The Beginning, LEGO Technic, LEGO Kingdoms, Imagination, LEGO City, Land of Adventures and MINILAND. This is something where kids are heroes and they simply in charge to dig out the maximum fun and adventure from each and every corner from rides to games and many other themed treasures.  Among of all the most amazing and attractive is the LEGO MINILAND that is recreated with 30 million LEGO bricks and everything from people to trains and other infrastructure details comes to life here by just one button. It is mesmerizing to see all the happenings done beautifully and making everything attractive and appealing for the visitors. It is one of the spot that is loved by the kids and the  rest of the family members as well LEGOLAND is not something that is only specified for the kids  in fact it has something in account for every age group.


LEGOLAND is a complete package that could make your day in fact days, if you want to hit every corner of LEGOLAND then one day is not that much enough. To get enough of joy and adventure you have to stay there and for this purpose there are some certain reasons you have. LEGOLAND Water Park is the other attractions that will make you go crazy with more than 20 adventure water slides and 70 LEGO models that will worth watching.  The major highlights of the LEGOLAND Water Park are Joker Soaker, Build-a-Raft and LEGO Wave Pool. All the three spots are enough to keep you indulge in some adventure and fun activity that will simply bring some techniques to you.

Joker Soaker is a hell fun thing where kids can have some real water fun by throwing water cannons on each other to the maximum. But here is a twist that will simply leave everyone baffled; a huge bucket will pour 350 gallons of water on everyone in every few minutes.

Build-a-Raft lets the kids and all the fun lovers to tryout their creativity and build a raft with LEGO soft bricks before landing into the lazy river. It will simply let your to show your kids some amazing techniques or situation could get vice versa. But, ultimately it will be an amazing creative fun.

LEGO Wave Pool is a huge and amazing family pool that lets all the family members to gather up for an amazing swim time that will ultimately make their day.

Land of Adventure

If you dare to take a chance on what is coming next then Land of Adventure is the place for you that let you to have all the hidden adventure and thrilling fun over here. The land holds a sequence of adventures that you can explore with your family and at every stage you will get encounter with something exciting and new. It will be fun and amazing experience that you will have here along with some of the amazing learning too. Although it is all about some action and thrill but it is designed carefully for the entertainment and fun purpose only.

Big Adventures for Little Kids

LEGOLAND is not just about the elder kids and families but it has a special side for the younger kids who could have the ultimate fun and harmless adventure as well. Here in the LEGOLAND the younger kids could access the best of adventure that includes a number of games and activities that help them to explore new things and learn them as well. By following some of the basic actions and learning’s they will be able to explore the hidden stuff here in the play land. There are the following major attractions for the young kids here that fascinate them:

  • Musical Fountain

  • DUPLO Play town

  • DUPLO Express

  • Observation Tower

  • Build & Test

  • LEGO Studio

  • Junior Driving School

  • Water Splash

  • Boating School


On all of these gaming and activity stations there are volunteers that are always there to help the kids and take care of them if their parents are not around or involved in other activities.Even if there is too big a group there will be help,like wise with travel arrangements with us,you can order a minibus if you are travelling with a lot of friends and family.


LEGOLAND is not just a theme park but a grand town that have everything in it; there are LEGO KINGDOMS that lets you to experience all the royalty and grace. It is fully packed with unlimited adventure and action in real time that makes you fall in love with the place.

Along with all these attractions there is Star Wars Miniland, LEGO 4D Movie and Ninjago Live Show that simply add more flavor to your adventure and entertainment at the same time. Along with the whole adventure and fun you will get amazing shop there in LEGOLAND from where you can buy stuff of your choice and amazing fancy restaurants to enjoy the quality food. It is an all all-rounder well packed adventure and fun loving place for your whole family.  

Hello Kitty town in Malaysia

Hello Kitty Town is an entire themed park that is not the conventional one with a lot of rides like roller coasters and many others. In fact it is an entire indoor theme park with fully air conditioned and a number of activity spots, entertainment and gaming attractions, foods and café, souvenir shops and much more. It is the best place to visit at any day whether sunny, rainy or ice cold. In Hello Kitty Town you have lots to do and enjoy a lot and no matter how much time you want to take to explore it you can easily do it with a small group of friends using our maxi cab or our minibus service..

The activity Card!

In Hello Kitty Town at the entrance you are provided with an activity card that lets you to do all the activities in town for once. Once you are done with the activity the card will be chopped and you will not be able to do that activity again. So, make sure you are going to enjoy all the activities to their fullest every time you will be there.

Major activities!

Hello Kitty in OZ

Your are only for once allowed to be there but being there is a hell fun thing, you have a lot of activities to do there as you proceed in there. There are helpers to let the kids have all the fun on the games counter that are a bit tricky along with a number of themed places.  

Hello Kitty House

Hello kitty house is a major attraction that is fully crafted with the themed furniture and rooms that makes you go crazy. Here are too a number of systems have lots of games for the kids to have fun of their own kind. You are free to spend a lot of time there but once you are out, you are unable to go back in there.

Wishful Studio

The studio is a place of creativity for the kids where they could play with colors, decorate a number of things like cookies, and get favorite batches and much more.

Friendship Land

Friendship land is must be the favorite spot in the whole town for the kids where they can go and play again and again. Here are a number of games and play area that lets the kids to enjoy their best level.

Cinnamoroll Café

The only café that is totally themed and gives you the best fancy food served in Hello Kitty printed crockery. It is much more exciting here to enjoy the food here with the customized dishes and amazing servings.

Purrfect Stage

You get a chance to witness a live performance by Hello Kitty family on the Purrfect Stage where the whole journey story will be narrated to you in a beautiful symmetry.

Meet & Greet

If you want to meet the Hello Kitty characters by yourself you are most welcome to meet and greet with them and have lots of pictures and much more.

Souvenir Shop

To buy something memorable that will be in your collection and reminds you of your tour there you can shop from the souvenir shop easily.

Red Bow Café

In the end you could also get a little treat to eat form the Red Bow Café that is another customized section of town.

Best visit timings!

Holidays and weekends are ideal to give yourself a relaxing treat but keep it in your mind that in these busy hours you will be encountered by a lot of people there and might not have that much fun in such a massive crown. So, if you really want to have the best time there then tries out the weekdays that are a bit unconventional and it will bring a lot of fun for you.

Remember to engage us for a private taxi to Malaysia using our minibus or maxi cab services. We hope to see you soon.


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