Taxi Singapore – Listed below are the hotlines for all the major taxi companies in SIngapore. Do note that aside from the Maxi cab, all the major cab companies implement a metered fare service for all their taxi rides.


7 seater taxi for your maxi cab booking

Maxi Cab

+65 87138824
(Fixed rate) $55


+65 6552 1111
(Metered rate) Starting from $3 ~ $3.70


+65 6555 8888
(Metered rate) Starting from $$3 ~ $3.80


+65 6363 6888
(Metered rate) Starting from $$3 ~ $3.70

Prime Taxi

+65 6778 0808
(Metered rate) Starting from $$3 ~ $3.40


+65 6555 3333
(Metered rate) Starting from $$3 ~ $3.90

Due to the amount of vast options to choose for your transport needs, it comes as no surprise that commuters fail to fully comprehend and pinpoint the exact services that they need in a particular situation. In this article we will look into both the advantages and disadvantages of public taxis and private taxis so that customers are more informed of the kind of services they are procuring. We hope that customers can benefit from this information and select a service that will suit them.

Public taxis

Public taxis are a common sight in Singapore, patrolling the roads on a 24 hour basis to look for customers. Public taxis are owned mostly by large corporations and are recognised by a few distinct characteristics, all public taxis can be identified by their own dominant colours namely, blue and yellow for comfort and CityCab, brown for SMRT taxis, red for TransCab, silver for Silvercab, copper for Prime taxi and green for HTI taxis. Public taxis can be booked through a local Singapore booking app or through Dial-A-Cab, although most of the business comes from customers flagging the taxis by the road, which in itself provides a mammoth that keeps the public taxis as the leading frontrunners in the taxi Singapore industry. Another distinguishing aspect of the public taxis is that the fares are calculated by a metered rate, and customers are charged and made to pay for all tolls and charges in Singapore such as the ERP, boarding charges, peak hour charges, midnight charges, as well as entry fees to Sentosa or carparks.

Private taxis

In an effort to compete with the larger public taxi companies, private operators has and will continue to think out of the box, Instead of just ferrying passengers for routine day to day travel for work and school, private operators has since evolved and stepped up the game to cater to more complicated and thorough needs. Private taxi operators have made its mark in the Singapore taxi industry by providing hotel and airport transfers, wedding services, taxi to JB, up to all across Malaysia, to attractions such as Legoland Malaysia and Hello Kitty town and provide transit to Senai Airport. Lesser known taxi operators have also expanded to provide delivery and courier services, as well as tap into the movers industry in an effort to keep up and provide multiple services for customers. Private taxis also tend to have a more diverse option in their fleets, providing vehicles to accommodate small or larger groups of passengers and their extra baggage. It is important that customers are able to ascertain which services are optimally required for their individual situations. Read on to compare vital points when considering whether to use private or public taxis.

Ease of getting a taxi

For locals hiring a taxi has never been easier. Customers have a choice of hiring through the booking app for a public taxi or by hailing one by the side of the road .Public taxis also utilise the Dial-A-Cab number and are exploring more ways for customers to have an easier time grabbing hold of a cab. Private taxis however, only deal through email or by phone, due to the vast range of services they provide and a client base from anyone around the world. In this regard, private taxis cater better for tourists travelling to Singapore as they are able to book as early as months before the actual trip, thus providing ample time to pass clear instructions and information to the cab operator such as time of arrival, size and quantity of baggage, hotel plans and other holiday needs. Customers can also expect high end luxury vehicles with comfortable seating as well as chauffeur trained drivers.


Private taxi operators select and filter all their employees to ensure that the drivers have good   driving records as well as good personal demeanour, hygiene, courtesy and good driving habits while on the road. Employees are also trained on the roads to identify the shortest route to take, general customer service as well as provide guidance and advise to interested travellers who would like to learn more about local tourist attractions, popular tourist hotspots and general money saving tips whilst visiting Singapore. Additionally the drivers are trained to bring the customers to the nearest hospital or 24 hr clinic if they are feeling unwell. Public cab drivers are comprised of people of all backgrounds, that usually rely on GPS or other forms or technology when driving in tiny Singapore. Public drivers are also largely unsupervised and work according to their own schedules.

Scope of travel destinations

If you are looking for day to day routine travel such as going to work or sending children to school but wish to avoid the hectic chaos of the public bus systems or MRT, an arrangement with a public taxi driver is probably what you are looking for. You can also try to find an Uber or Grab driver and make a side arrangement to pick you up daily. This arrangement will save you more than hiring a private taxi each day. But if you are looking for the occasional trip to Malaysia, a private taxi is definitely the way to go. Private taxi operators are more experienced when travelling in JB, and are generally more astute to the laws and regulations of the neighbouring country, thus being able to you safe and compliant with the law.


Hiring a cab has never been so easy, but with so many choices to choose from, we hope customers reading this article understands all the types of services available. Don’t forget to try our maxi cab service when travelling in Singapore and we hope you have a good time travelling with us.

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